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"Enjoy the Game"...Wow!  What a program for helping our students learn life lessons on respect, attitude, and effort!  Here at Fox Hill, it's been a big part of our Physical Education Program for over 12 years, and it's as meaningful today as the day we started!

Bill Lentz

Physical Educator, Fox Hill School

I appreciate the Enjoy the Game program because it reinforces the way I teach every day. I was able to adapt this teaching tool to fit my P.E. program and focus my students’ actions and attitudes toward respect.

Cynthia Leutzinger

Physical Educator, MOAHPERD Elementary

I was skeptical at first. After 22 years I’ve seen a lot of ideas, but Enjoy the Game really works. It is great for conflict resolution.

Steve Obrecht

Physical Educator, Franktown Elementary

The kids love it! I showed the principal and counselors the Enjoy the Game video and now they are involved, also.

Gags Prichard

Physical Educator, Blue Valley Middle

Enjoy the Game is well-developed and was easily integrated into our existing curriculum. Its effects are seen in the gym, on the playground and beyond.

Dr. Cathy Paul

Principal, William Bryant Elementary

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