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Our Story

Enjoy The Game was started in 1998 because, Bill Stutz, the Founder and President, saw that many kids were not enjoying the time they were spending playing games. There was too much pressure and a lack of mutual respect for all those involved.

He also learned through a Michigan State University study that 20 million kids start playing sports at age 5 or 6 in America and that 70% would quit by the age of 13 because it just wasn’t fun.

So he started out to solve the problem.

Using education as the primary tool, Bill developed Enjoy The Game to help all those involved in youth sports to learn the value of respecting the player, coaches, rules and officials.

In the process he received endorsements from Major League Baseball, The National Football League, the National Basketball Association ,and others, to “raise a generation of kids who could truly see the value in participating in fun sports and activities.”

Fair Play

Participants are encouraged to compete, but in a way that promotes fairness.


Not only is this necessary for sports, but a foundational building block for life.


Both sports and life have challenges and we teach participants to work through them.

Bill Stutz

Bill Stutz


Bill has spent over 30 years of playing, coaching and officiating sports of all kinds. Although his commitment to character has touched the lives of thousands of players, coaches and teachers, he is most proud of the four wonderful kids that he and his wife Valerie have raised. His home was the start of the Enjoy The Game program and it has proven itself in equipping his children with strong character… who’ve become a communications professional, a doctor of physical therapy and two professional basketball players.